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What is No Deposit Bingo Bonus?

The No Deposit Bingo Bonus can be simplified in the following words – Try first and commit later. That’s right, sounds odd? Well, the essence of this kind of bingo bonus is to ensure that players try their hands out on the various online bingo games for free before deciding to commit to the games which are available on these bingo sites. It serves as a teaser for players not sure of what to expect in bingo games – particularly new players, and can be found in a plethora of bingo sites such as bellabingo.com, blue1bingo.com etc.

How does No Deposit Bingo Bonus Work?

Before going further, it is important to state how the No Deposit Bingo Bonus works for clarity – especially for players that have not played bingo games, or have never come across such term.

Players need to register to the respective bingo sites that offer this sort of bonus to enjoy it. For example, some of the online bingos which provide this bonus are Plush Bingo, Swag Bingo, Igloo Bingo etc. and players can enjoy this bonus after signing up with this website.

Try out different games for free
After registration, players can then test out as many games as possible before deciding to make any deposits. Players might wonder if there’s anything more to this? Well, these websites also offer ”fake” funds which can be used to purchase tickets for these games which act like real money. This is particular good for players so that deposits won’t be made until these players are confident enough to deposit real funds.

Is the No Deposit Bingo Bonus absolutely free?

There’s no free lunch – but when it comes to the no deposit bonus, it is absolutely free. A player has no hidden charges to pay and comes at no cost whatsoever. What these sites provide is free funds to try out the many games on the website before depositing personal money on the website. However, players need to read the guidelines of the promotion before trying it out. This is because some of these no deposit bonuses have standard wagering requirements, especially when players want to make withdrawals which have to be satisfied. So, technically, it is not really free! The rationale behind the no deposit bonus is for players to invest loads of money after experiencing the games for free.

Types of No Deposit Bonus
There are four categories of no deposit bonuses which vary according to different websites. Some of them are:

  1. Bonus cash – With the bonus cash, players are provided with an amount to be utilised in playing the games.
  2. Free spins – With the free spins, players are awarded with free spins to play certain games.
  3. Free play – With the free play, players are given free credits which can be used within a specific period of time.
  4. Cashback – With the cashback, players receive bonuses in RTP losses over a period of time.