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What is 80-ball online bingo?

80 ball bingo is popular amongst many players, and is one of the many kinds of ball bingo games available online in the top bingo sites such as bellabingo, blue1bingo, mamutbingo and piggybingo. These online bingos are unique in their own right, as they offer players who register and also players who decide to make deposits.

How to Play 80-ball online bingo

Playing the 80 ball online bingo isn’t complicated in any way; this means that first time players stand the chance of winning cash prizes as long as the rules of the game is followed.
For people playing the 80-ball bingo game online, what needs to be borne in mind is that a series of numbers will be called – often ranging from 1 through 80. These numbers are called or selected randomly by the online bingo website which is different from what’s applicable with hall bingos.

In this case, a computer software will pick the numbers randomly, and the moment this has been done, players need to ensure that the number is located the same number in the cards which have been chosen and mark the numbers.

Furthermore, players have to look out for colours – red, white, blue and yellow as when the numbers are called out, the colours will also be shown. For some of the 80-ball bingo games, players can win by completing one to three lines and definitely the full house too.

How to Win 80 Ball Bingo

For those who are keen on winning an 80-ball bingo, then it is important to get the patterns right. There are multiple patterns which are available in most 80-ball bingo games.
These patterns are different and some of them are the Horizontal, Diagonal and Vertical patterns, the four corners pattern and the full house pattern which will be explained below.

Diagonal, Horizontal and Vertical Bingo: – This sort of pattern means that players will have to complete the pattern in any of this single line.

Four Corners: – For players, this pattern means that one will have to complete the four numbers which make up the four corners of the card.

Full House: – as the name suggest the player will have to complete all the numbers on the card which they have.

Card Layout and Pattern

The card layout in the 80-ball bingo is on a 4×4 bingo card and the essence of this is that players are supposed to cover all the 16 numbers which are found in 4 lines and come in the different colours which have already been mentioned above. The four columns on a card also correspond with a range of numbers on the card as well.

What are some 80-Ball Tips and Strategy?

The strategies which players can adopt when playing the 80-ball online bingo is largely applicable in most bingo games, and some of these tips and strategies are:

  • Know the Rules
  • Play in Inexpensive Games
  • Don’t Play During Peak Hours
  • Watch out for the promos
  • Don’t Play During Peak Hours