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What is 30-ball online bingo?

There are many variants of bingo and the 30-ball online bingo is one of the many variants which players have an opportunity to enjoy. It also goes by the name ‘Speed Bingo’ so for players who know it by this name, it is the same this. Just as the name goes, the game has only 30 numbers which are called and 9 to be covered.

Thinking about playing something that’s interesting?! Then the 30-ball online bingo is one game to consider. One has to be careful though, as it is quite addictive as it is interesting.

What are some of the top 30-ball bingo sites?

With many online bingo sites available; some are worth mentioning when it comes to 30-ball online bingo. For players, websites such as bellabingo.com can ensure that players win in many ways such as the one line, two lines or three lines which can make players have one, two or three wins.

To have many other options to choose from, websites such as blue1bingo.com, piggybingo.com and mamutbingo.com also has guides for players on the wins per game.

How To Play 30 Ball Bingo

The 30-ball online bingo game isn’t too difficult to play as it is a game played with balls which are numbered between 1 and 30. Also, this game runs further than most of the other bingos i.e. 75 ball, 80 ball, and 90 ball because of the smaller amount of balls when compared to others.
Also, players don’t have any variety of numbers to complete when playing this bingo and what happens is that the winner of the bingo will usually be the player who completes a full house on a card.

For players, it is important to purchase bingo cards which are usually sold for different amounts. What happens also is that when the game begins, 30 different numbers will be mentioned and when the player gets a full house, they can then claim the bingo to win – this is pretty simple!

One thing players need to bear in mind is that it moves very quickly so they need to be at par with the speed and pace of the game as well. What most sites do is that they offer what is called an ‘auto-daub’ feature to make sure that none of the numbers are missed by the players when they have been called.

What is The Game Card in 30-ball online bingo?

In the 30-ball online bingo, cards come in smaller sizes, and these cards are lined up horizontally in rows and columns of three. The implication is that players have the opportunity to mark off a total of nine numbers altogether and it looks like this:

  • The first column has numbers 1 through 10
  • The second offers numbers 11 through 20
  • The third contains numbers 21 through 30